Pier 12, Norfolk Navy Base

Lieutenant Stephen Merrill, JAGC, USNR

Duties as a Navy JAG Corps Officer - One Tour of Duty, Navy Legal Service Office, Naval Base, Norfolk, NAS Oceana Detachment.

  1. Trial Counsel/Defense Counsel in Courts-Martial - Hundreds of cases tried, numerous acquittals for the defense, including the first Members trial conducted.
  2. Military Magistrate - Determined the terms for release from pretrial confinement, if any.
  3. JAGMAN Investigating Officer - Investigated and made recommendations for Conscientious Objector Petitions and Hardship Discharges.
  4. Claims Officer - Adjudicated the merit of claims for compensation from the Navy ranging from property damage claims due to air crashes to claims for wrongful death arising out of medical malpractice.
  5. Special Asst. United States Attorney, Civil - Defended injury claims of all kinds filed against the Navy in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in association with the local office of the United States Attorney.
  6. Staff Judge Advocate - Portsmouth Naval Hospital - Conducted investigations and make recommendations concerning alleged criminal and civil misconduct at one of the largest hospitals the Defense Department operates. Advised the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer on all legal matters and many political ones.
  7. Accompanied several trial teams aboard carriers and on foreign posts trying a backlog of courts-martial.

Lieutenant Commander Stephen Merrill, USNR (Intelligence)

Duties as a Navy Active Reserve Intelligence Officer - One plus tour of duty assigned to Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk

  1. Stand the Indications and Warnings Watch, CINCLANTFLT. Monitor all naval and military air traffic over the Atlantic. Reviewed and forwarded with comments worldwide email traffic. Briefed the Admiral on conditions in the Atlantic now and for the next week. Participated in exercises involving strategic conflict, including responding to possible ICBM strikes.
  2. Train junior personnel concerning the capabilities and ship designs of foreign navies and many other subjects.

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