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In the years following adoption of the United States Constitution, a series of amendments were ratified aimed at preserving the individual liberties of every citizen. Americans were concerned that their newly formed federal government may one day turn to the repressive methods that had led to the revolt against England. The so called "Bill of Rights" limited the authority of Congress to interfere with our thoughts and many of our actions.

In today's world people still need the security of guaranteed rights. This is particularly true when confronting important questions affecting our business or personal lives; problems commonly handled by attorneys. Yet a large portion of the public feels frustration with law firms hired to help them. There is a sense that lawyers are self-consumed and more concerned with making money than with the well-being of their clients. This image is a far cry from the traditional idea of attorneys as educated professionals committed to achieving social justice.

Attorneys and paralegals working for this office intend to do what they can to change the widespread dissatisfaction with the legal profession. It is our goal to provide timely, affordable legal services in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. To that end, we are committed to the Client's Bill of Rights which belong to every person who retains our services.


  1. Office Hours: As a convenience to our clients who also work normal business hours, evening and weekend interviews are always available by appointment.
  2. Correspondence/Legal Documents: Because a lawyer speaks for you, clients are mailed copies of all communications from our office relating to their case.
  3. The English Language: Use of "legalese", that lawyer dialect designed to confuse the average person, is expressly forbidden in all correspondence and Court documents. English will be substituted.
  4. Timely Service: The client who desires the quick resolution of a problem deserves one. This law office will not be the source of frustrating delay.
  5. Referrals: The prospective client with a need beyond our field of practice will be so told and referred to a capable specialist at no charge.
  6. Phone Messages: Since satisfying the concerns of clients is a prime goal of legal representation, all client inquiries will be responded to promptly.
  7. Attorney Meetings: A lawyer is hired to talk with and help the client, not leave everything with paralegals. Clients can schedule an appointment with their attorney anytime.
  8. Time of Appointment: No waiting.
  9. Costs: Attorney fees and other expenses involved in a case will be clearly explained before any action is undertaken.
  10. Friendliness: Clients are entitled to respect and deference from the law firm they hire, but they should also feel very comfortable with their attorney and his or her staff. We make a special effort to create this personal relationship.

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