In a place like the Last Frontier there are always certain services that seem to be offered only at a premium price. Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend how extraordinary fees for such services are being earned.

Many in Anchorage say this is true of the practice of law in our fine city. That is the frequent perception: overcharging by the local bar.

To help end that perception there is a new law firm in Anchorage that rejects many of the billing practices that can drive a law client crazy.

The Law Office of Stephen Merrill pledges the following.


Hourly rates for legal services are high enough without feeling you are being soaked for more time than is fair or necessary.

  1. No billing for reviewing the file even with others in the firm.
  2. No billing for preparing the bill.
  3. Travel time is only billed outside Anchorage and always at a reduced rate.
  4. No extra billing for routine mailing and faxes.
  5. No billing for tasks that should not have taken so long.


Contingent fees, where the attorney agrees to accept a percentage of the compensation achieved in the legal case, if any is received, can be a godsend to a client, but are also at times an incredible overbilling, especially if it seems the lawyer is doing far better than the client without having to leave the office.

  1. Quite often the standard contingent fee, one-third of the recovery, is not justified and will not be charged.
  2. Hourly fees will also be offered for cases that would ordinarily be accepted under a contingency fee.
  3. In the absence of client misconduct, the law firm will reduce its fee to a level below the net recovery of the client from a settlement the attorney recommends.


  1. Whenever it is reasonable to do so, a flat fee will be set for the services to be rendered. The flat fee may be for the entire undertaking or a series of flat fees may apply to progressions in your case.
  2. Flat fees quoted are not tied to the number that every other law firm in Anchorage may be charging for the same service. Fees are based on the effort and risk involved in the case. Price-fixing is wrong and so is the appearance of price-fixing.
  3. Consultations to see where you stand legally are usually only $75. Consultations are available online from anywhere in Alaska and beyond..



The best part is the professional service on offer is from a knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyer. We also try to add a friendly, personal approach to the attorney-client relationship.

Fee discounts apply for lifelong Alaskans!

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